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The Ventilator Project - a Book Review

“The Ventilator Project” marks the start of a new era in Indian Medical Technology world.


In the “Pre-Covid” world, SME Medtech companies would make sub-standard, jugaad products which hardly pass-of as “AatmaNirbhar”. Startup Medtech companies would make good, innovative products but would vanish for lack of market support within 2-3 years. Larger companies would mostly import Medical equipments from Europe, US and china and sell at exorbitant prices.


In the new “Post-Covid” world, the ventilator project provides a new platform or blueprint for SME Medtech companies to join hands with Startups and Academia and build world class, truly “AatmaNirbhar” products.


This book is a must read for everyone - young startups brimming with ideas, entrepreneurs involved in new product development, government agencies, academics and all those who want to have a stake in building truly AatmaNirbhar Bharat.


As a person closely involved in the manufacturing of Noccarc V310 Ventilator, I am confident that now there will be many more projects making world class, innovative products in India and this book will be their blueprint.


Chirag Gala

MD, AVI Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Manufacturer of the “ventilator” in #TheVentilatorProject


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