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NOCCARC V310 Ventilator

Quality Assurance

IEC 60601-1:2005+A1:2012 - General Requirements for Basic Safety and Essential Performance


NOCCARC V310 Ventilator Introduction

Noccarc V310 offers an advanced, compact yet reliable ICU ventilation solution.

Carefully crafted with the combination of cutting edge research and advanced manufacturing technologies, the turbine based design enables highly efficient independent operation and a wide range of ventilation modes, including High Flow Nasal Cannula.

The IOT enabled system allows central data monitoring and logging remotely making Noccarc V310  a much safer and easy to manage option for the health professionals in the current case of Covid-19 pandemic.


Unique Features

10-inch Touch Screen with User-friendly UI

High Flow Nasal Canula (HFNC) Mode

Inbuilt Programmable Nebulizer synced with Inspiratory Phase*

Battery backup up to 8 hours

IoT Enabled Central Data Monitoring and Logging*


Modes of Ventilation

1. Invasive Modes: 


Pressure Controlled: PC-CMV, PC-AC, PC-SIMV

Spontaneous Breathing Support: PSV with Apnea backup Ventilation, APRV

2. Non-Invasive Modes: CPAP with Apnea backup Ventilation, Duo-Vent

3. OTherapy: High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC mode)*

*HFNC accessories are not included with the ventilator and have to be ordered separately


Technical Specification

Respiratory Rate (RR) 1-60 BPM
Peak Inspiratory Pressure 50 cm H2O
PEEP 0 to 50 cm H2O
Pressure Support 0 to 50 cm H2O
Inspiratory Time 0.2 - 5s
Tidal Volume 50 - 2000 ml
Inspiratory Flow Rate 280 LPM (Internally restricted to 160 LPM)
Inspiratory Hold Yes
Expiratory Hold Yes
I:E Ratio 1:6 to 6:1
Trigger Flow Sensitivity 1 LPM - 20 LPM
Volume Accuracy 2-3 % of the full scale between 10 LPM - 80 LPM
Leak Detection and Compensation up to 200 ml
O2 Concentration (FiO2) 21-100%
FiO2 Control Closed loop electronic manipulation
O2 Therapy

Continuous flow 0 - 80 L/min
Concentration 21 - 100 %

Dimensions Patient Unit 395 X 340 X 255 mm

10.1 Kg Patient Unit
25 Kg with trolley

Oxygen Input Pressure 45 - 60 PSIG
Battery Type Lithium, Internal
Battery Backup time up to 8 hours
Mains Input 200-240VAC, 50-60 Hz
Input current < 2.00A
Power Consumption < 150W

Designed & Developed by Nocca Robotics Pvt Ltd, Pune