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IW7000 Infant Warmer Models

Intelligent  IW7000 Series can be configured with following temperature controls - 

IW7100 - Neotherm D10 - Skin Temperature Control
IW7200 - Neotherm D20 - Skin and Air Temperature Control
IW7300 - Neotherm iLCD - Skin and Air Temp, Graphic LCD Display
IW7400 - Neotherm iWARM - Skin and Air Temp, 5.6" Colour TFT Touch Screen Display

Following optional modules can be incorporated:

  1. LED Phototherapy From Below
  2. Inbuilt LED Phototherapy From Above
  3. Inbuilt Easy Resuscitation module with T-piece
  4. Inbuilt Pulse Ox module in IW7400 warmer