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Women's Health and Gynaecology

Ultrasound Digital Fetal Doppler

Ultrasound frequency of a very low intensity i.e. between 2 MHz to 8 MHz is transmitted through the body via the probe of the instrument. This transmitted signal is reflected by the moving organs like blood particles of the fetal heart. This reflected signal is then amplified and electronically processed to get the audio signal which can be heard via earphone or speaker.


  • Solid state-portable.
  • Micro-controller based circuitry.
  • Ultrasound frequency 2 MHz.
  • Digital display of Beats Per Minute of Fetal and Adults heart beats.
  • 3 digit L. E. M.
  • Range-60 B.P.M. to 250 B.P.M.
  • Low Alarm - 100 B.P.M. - High Alarm - 160 B.P.M.
  • Earphone & Tape Recording facility available.


  • Width:  216 mm
  • Height:  90 mm
  • Depth:  205 mm
  • Weight:  2 kg
  • Housed in moulded ABS cabinet.
  • Mains & battery operated. (Six dry cells Eveready 1050 type)

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